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Reptiworms™ are larvae of Black Soldier Fly, which are scientifically called as Hermetia illucens. Reptiworms™ are also called as Phoenix Worms® or Calciworms® that serve as rich source of protein, calcium and phosphorus for the healthy growth of juvenile bearded dragons, small geckos, chameleons, turtles and larger dart frogs.

During extreme cold winters and hot summers, overnight shipping is required for guarantee.

Important Facts about Reptiworms™

  • Reptiworms™, Phoenix Worms® and Calciworms® are registered trademarks of Insect Science Resource LLC, Insect Resource LLC and Timerberline Fisheries, respectively. All rights reserved.
  • Reptiworms™ are considered as excellent food for juvenile bearded dragons, small geckos, chameleons, turtles and larger dart frogs as they are good source of proteins, calcium and phoshorous (1.5: 1 calcium: phosphrous ratio).
  • Reptiworms™ are considered as best replacements for crickets, superworms, mealworms and wax worms because they contain comparatively high calcium in their bodies.
  • Reptiworms™, Phoenix Worms® and Calciworms® have excellent selflife when stored in the same shipping cups at room temperature.
  • These worms are not required to feed but if it is necessary, food can be made by mixing 1:1 ratio of our cricket feed or corn meal to water. Give this food to worms as required in a small quantity as too much wet conditions in the cup can kill these worms.
  • Reptiworms™ do not produce bad smell or make noise like crickets.
+ How long Reptiworms™ can be kept alive?
  • Reptiworms™ can be kept alive and fresh for several weeks at room temperature.

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