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Hornworms are also called as tomato hornworms that are larvae (caterpillars) of the Sphinx or Hawkmoth Eumorpha typhon. These hornworm larvae serve as fresh digestible and protein rich food for Bearded Dragon, Geckos, lizards, frogs and birds.

Winter Packing & Overnight Shipping Required is included in the price for Guarantee.

We guarantee delivery of healthy, disease and pest free live hornworms if following conditions are met

  • Seletct Winter Packaging option if temperatures are below 50°F (10°C)
  • Also, overnight shipping is preferred only when temperature is above 80°F (26.67°C).
  • Ordering of hornworms on Friday is avoided as they will generally die in a warehouse if they sit over the weekend.
  • Accepting packages personally.
+ Why hornworms are best feeder worms?
  • Hornsworms offer best nutrient including low fat (3%), high calcium (46%), phosphorus and protiens and over 80% water.
  • Bright green color of hornworms can easily attract their feeders such as Bearded Dragon, Geockos, lizards, frogs and birds.
  • Since skin of horworms has a very low chitin, they are easy to digest.
  • As compared to other soft bodied worms, hornworms will not die easily because of their hard body.
  • Hornworms are easy to maintain and feed to your pets.
+ How long hornworms can be kept alive?
  • With proper care hornworms can live for about 3 weeks at 75°F and for 2 weeks 85°F.
+ How to care hornworms?
  • Keep in mind that hornworms need lots of room for them to move around
  • Hornworms are generally supplied in screend containers whch can be stored in a plastic container at temperature between 70- 80°F (21- 27°C).
  • Do not referigerate hornworms, as referigeration will kill them.
  • Feed hornworms with our special powdred food (for description see hornworm food product).
  • Since hornworms feed naturally on leavels of sveral plants including pepper, tobacco and tomato, they can be maintained on the leaves of their host plants. However, horworms that are raised on the leaves of these plants may not be safe food for your pets.
+ What kind of food is good for proper growth of hornworms?
  • Use only commercially available hornworm food diet to feed your hornworms.
+ Can the horn on the posterior end of hornworm will hurt to handlers?
  • No, it is harmless.

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