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Medium Superworms scientifically called as Zoophobas mario and serve as fresh digestible and protein rich food for baby, young and adult Bearded Dragons, Geckos, and lizards.

Winter Packing & Overnight Shipping Required for Guarantee.

We guarantee delivery of helathy, disease and pest free live medium superworms if following conditions are met

  • Seletct Winter Packaging option if temperatures are below 50°F (10°C)
  • Also, overnight shipping is preferred only when temperature is above 80°F (26.67°C).
  • Ordering of medium superworms on Friday is avoided as they will generally die in a warehouse if they sit over the weekend.
  • Please do not order superworms if your transit night time temperatures are predicted below 30°F (-1.1°C). If you still order, we will ship with no guarantee.
  • Accepting packages personally.
+ What if my medium superworms arrive dead?
  • We only guarntee medium superworms that are ordred of a quantity of 500 or above. If medium superworms are ordered in a smaller amounts and they arrive dead, we will add more worms to your next order to compensate for your loss.
+ How long medium superworms can be kept alive?
  • With proper care medium superworms can live for about 3 months.
+ What size of medium superworms I should feed to my baby bearded dragon and lizards?
  • Medium superworms that you receive in package are soft-bodied and about 1 inch long worms that can be fed to your baby baby bearded dragons and lizards.
+ How to care Medium Superworms?
  • Upon arrival, medium superworms should be stored a plastic container at room temperature.
  • Do not referigerate as referigeration will kill them.
  • Feed medium superworms frequently with small pieces of vegetable matter as needed but placing excess food material in the container kill them.
+ What kind of food is good for proper growth of medium Superworms?
  • A few small pieces of vegetables.

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Medium Superworms

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