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Butterworms are scientifically called as Chilecomadia moorei that serve as fresh digestible protein and calcium rich food for Bearded Dragons, birds, box turtles, fish, Geckos, lizards and small mammals.

Winter Packing & Overnight Shipping Required for Guarantee.

+ How butter worms are shipped?
  • Butter worms are generally shipped in wheat bran.
  • Wheat bran serves as bedding material that absorb moisture but not as food.
+ How long butter worms can be kept alive?
  • If butter worms are stored at 42 to 45 degrees F temperature in the refrigerator, they can be stored successfully for 4 months with minimal loss.
+ How to care butter worms?
  • Upon arrival, butter worms should be stored a plastic container at 42 to 45 degrees F temperature in the refrigerator.
  • Use dry bedding material such as wheat bran, saw dust etc. that can absorb moisture.

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