Feeder Worms

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  • BioPod™ Plus

    BioPod™ Plus

    BioPod™ Plus is used for fast composting (usually 1-2 days) from kitchen...

  • Bulk Calcium for Turtles

    Bulk Calcium for Turtles

    We have a bag of 5 lbs.of calcium for turtles.


  • Bulk Cricket Eggs

    Bulk Cricket Eggs

    We supply Acheta domestica cricket eggs for starting your own culture of...

  • Bulk Cricket Food

    Bulk Cricket Food

    We have 5 lbs. of bulk food supply for crickets

    Bulk Cricket...

  • Bulk Food For Pets

    Bulk Food For Pets

    We have bulk food supplies for crickets, turtles, superworms, Giant mealworms and...

  • Bulk Worm Chow

    Bulk Worm Chow

    We have 4 pound bag of Worm Chow for superworms, Giant mealworms...

  • Butterworms


    Butterworms are scientifically called as Chilecomadia moorei that serve as fresh digestible protein and...

  • Cricket Calcium

    Cricket Calcium

    Cricket calcium dust for the healthy development of crickets


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