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BioPod™ Plus is used for fast composting (usually 1-2 days) from kitchen waste as compared to traditional composting bins that takes about 6-12 months. Like traditional composting and vermiculture, this technique also uses microprganisms for breaking down waste vegetables into final mature compost.

Important Facts about BioPod™ Plus

  • In BioPod™ Plus system, Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens grubs are generally used for breaking down of waste plant parts into composting. This process is called grub composting
  • BioPod™ Plus system can handle composting of about 5 lbs vegetable waste produced a large family every day.
  • BioPod™ Plus system can easily produce 5 lbs of fine compost from 100 lbs for waste vetables.
  • The soldier grubs that are produced during the process of composting are then used as nutreint rich food for your pets like bearded dragons, small geckos, chameleons, turtles and larger dart frogs.

How you can grow your Black Soldier Fly Grubs using BioPod™ Plus?

  • Keep BioPod™ Plus system outside and then transfer your kitchen vegetable scrap in the system.
  • Wet vegetable scraps will attract different types insects including black soldier flies.
  • However, black soldier flies will be predominent to crowd out the other insects.
  • These flies will then lay hundreds of eggs inside the BioPod™ Plus system on vegetable scraps.
  • These eggs will hatch into soldier grubs, which will then start feeding on vegetable scrap and turning it into fine compost.
  • While feeding grubs will mature and then crawl up towards the hole on the top of ramp, which is already built in the BioPod™ Plus system. When grubs reach into the hole, they will fall into a removable pan.
  • These grubswill be ready for feeding to your pet animals like bearded dragons, small geckos, chameleons, turtles and larger dart frogs.

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